pop up target


An innovative device controlled by a remote. Device are usually use in providing shooting trainings especially in the field of military. This POP-UP Target is easy to operate and is easy to upgrade.

A Popup Target is the common name used for a mechanism that rises and lowers a shooting target with a surprising effect in front of the shooter. These targets are used for static training and moving training as well


  • Unique target configuration built into a high speed pop up target mechanism.
  • Controllable by a wired remote control or a wireless remote control.
  • Housed in a rugged, compact, very low profile, waterproof, all weather cast aluminum enclosure as per IPC 67 Standard.
  • Accessory ports for multiple target enhancements.
  • Hit recognition with automatic reset or by remote control.
  • Fast reacting time – for best simulation.
  • High speed operation.
  • Upward motion hit capability, allowing for first sight drills.
  • Simple to operate and also we provide users’ guides and manuals.
  • Reliable with low maintenance costs.
  • Firm wares are upgradable

  • The Targets
  • The Mechanism
  • Remote control (wired or wireless)
  • Additional Firmware (Portable System)